E Komo Mai (Welcome)!

Aloha and welcome to the “It’s Not Boring” blog. In this website you will learn all about  my adventures and discoveries in the science of bioerosion .  Bioerosion is a natural process that occurs on coral reefs in which a community of organisms erode, or bore into, coral skeleton (hence the name “boring” organisms).  We will conduct research on the physical and chemical parameters that affect boring communities, how the community changes over space and time in the Hawaiian Islands, and how climate change and ocean acidification will affect bioerosion on coral reefs. To answer these questions, I will  journey throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago (from the Big Island all the way to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) and share my travel stories with you.  Please see my pages on bioerosion (knowing about bioerosion is super cool and important 🙂 ) and ocean acidification (the latest information on ocean acidification and climate change and what YOU can do to help prevent the detrimental effects of climate change). I hope that you enjoy my blog, research findings, and travel stories and please feel free to contact me!


Nyssa Silbiger

9 responses to “E Komo Mai (Welcome)!

  1. arlene Silbiger

    How interesting!! I’m looking forward to following your travels and research findings.
    Bon Voyage,
    Love you!
    Grandma Arlene

  2. Hello! I just found your great website. I work on bioerosion as well, primarily in the fossil record. I have an old website that connects to a bioerosion bibliography you may find useful. Good luck with your work!

    Mark A. Wilson (The College of Wooster)

  3. Mark A. Wilson

    Hello again, Nyssa. I don’t want to be a noodge, but that last comment is spam. I’ve learned this from my blogging. Lots of spammers write non-specific praise so that their name is linked to some website from your blog. The “Phenphedrine reviews” comment should be deleted. You’ll get a lot more — the good news being that your blog is noticed! Just communicating from scientist to scientist! Cheers, Mark A. Wilson

  4. looking forward to reading more posts!

  5. Nicholas Griffith

    Love the title! Laughing hard. Also looking forward to future posts…

  6. Continuing to follow your exploits. Love ya,

  7. I’m new to oceanography and I’m studying it on my own. This was really helpful. Merci 🙂 please keep writing. Much love, Aditi

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