Laysan-the end of our quest for the holiest hole

Laysan was our final site for the water exchange study. We had three full days at Laysan which allowed us to get a “hole” lot done. 😉 The first day we spent quite a bit of time swimming and driving around to try to find just the right spot to deploy all 4 of our instruments.  We found a great little shallow spot on the back reef, allowing us to get lots of bottom time (but leaving our poor coxswain all alone for hours at a time). On our first dive we were visited by 3 rather large and curious monk seals, but none of them were aggressive (I’m still sour about number 618).

Big Monk Seal at Laysan

On our second day we had a little bit of unwanted excitement when some of our line broke underwater.  Luckily, our eagle-eyed coxswain caught it immediately and saved the day (and the instruments!).  Methinks the culprit was the evil looking sea cucumber sitting next to the line… or maybe it got chaffed against some near-by rock.  Nobody will ever really know.

Sea cucumber

Here are some more Laysan pictures to enjoy.

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One response to “Laysan-the end of our quest for the holiest hole

  1. Hi Nyssa: It looks like you are having a very successful expedition. Love the pictures.
    Grandma & Grandpa

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