Nyssa Silbiger
Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology
University of Hawaii at Mānoa

P.O. Box 1346
Kane‘ohe, Hawaii 96744

Ph.D. candidate in Zoology at University of Hawaii at Mānoa (Advisor: Megan Donahue) GPA= 4.0   2009 – present

M.S. in Marine Science at University of North Carolina at  Chapel Hill, (Advisor: Niels Lindquist)
Impacts of sponge produced DIN on Caribbean coral reef seaweed communities. 2007- 2009

Certification in Marine Resource Ecology at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida  2004 -2006

B.S. in Biological science at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Minor in Chemistry
Graduated Cum Laude – GPA= 3.67       2003 – 2006


Silbiger,NJ (2009)   Impacts of sponge produced dissolved inorganic nitrogen on Caribbean coral reef seaweed communities.  Masters Thesis. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill.

Silbiger, NJ and Munguia, P (2008) Carapace color change in Uca pugliator in response to temperature. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 355: 41-46

Silbiger, NJ and Childress, MJ (2008) Interspecific variation in anemone shrimp distribution and host selection in the Florida Keys (USA): implications for marine conservation. Bulletin of Marine Science 83:329-345


NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program, 2012-2016-$188,000
Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (EPA STAR) Graduate Fellowship, 2012- Declined due to NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship
Travel Support for the Third International Symposium on the High-CO2World, 2012-$700
PADI Foundation Grant, 2012-$3075
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Graduate Student Research Grant, 2012-$1600
Dai Ho Chun Fund for Graduate Fellowships, 2012-$2000
The University of Hawai‘i SeaGrant Program (PIs: Megan Donahue, Florence Thomas,Rob Toonen), 2012-2014-$69,996
Sigma Xi Grant-in Aid-of-Research, 2010 – $1,000
University of Hawaiʻi EPSCoR ECOGEM Fellowship, 2010 – $28,000
The University of Hawaiʻi Zoology Department Charles H. and Margaret B. Edmondson  Research Fund, 2010 – $750
Kellogg Biological Station Grant for Summer Program, 2010 – $3,000
Lerner Gray-American Museum of Natural History Research Grant, 2008 – $2250

PRESENTATIONS * denotes poster presentations

Silbiger, NS, MJ Donahue, O Guadayol, F Thomas, 5th Annual Hawaiian Islands Symposium, May 2012-Runner up for best student presentation
Silbiger, NS, N Lindquist and CM Martens Benthics Ecology Meeting, March 2009
Silbiger, NS and Childress, MJ Benthic Ecology Meeting, March 2007
*Silbiger, NS and Munguia, P Benthic Ecology Meeting, March 2007
*Silbiger, NS and Munguia, P Western Society of Naturalists, November 2007
Silbiger, NS and Childress, MJ Western Society of Naturalists, November 2006


Enhancing Linkages between Mathematics and Ecology Summer Program     2010
Kellogg Biological Research Station, Michigan State University:
Three, week-long intense summer courses focusing on math and
ecology. Theoretical Population Ecology (Dr. Robin Snyder), Theoretical
Community and Ecosystem Ecology (Dr. Christopher Klausmeier) and
Maximum Likelihood Analysis in Ecology (Dr. Don Schoolmaster)

Teaching Assistant    
UH-Mānoa: Corals and Coral Reefs  2010
UNC-Chapel Hill: Biogeochemical Cycling 2008
UNC-Chapel Hill: Marine Environment  2007
Florida State University: Biology for Non-majors Lab 2006

Research Assistant
UNC-Chapel Hill Marine Sciences Department     2008-2009
(Dr. Niels Lindquist): Lab and field assistant on sponge
biogeochemistry project in Key Largo, FL

Laboratory/Field Technician
USGS/NOAA funded project at Florida International University  2007
(Andre Daniels): Assisted in data collection and fauna/flora
identification for a long-term monitoring program on seagrass
bed communities in Everglades National Park. Miami, FL

Clemson University Biological Sciences Department    2006
(Dr. Michael Childress): Examined the symbiotic relationship
between cleaner shrimp and sea anemones. Field assistant for
project on octopus personality and the allee effect in spiny
lobsters in Long Key, FL

Directed Individual Study
Florida State University Biological Sciences Department   2005-2006
(Dr. Don Levitan and Dr. Pablo Munguia): Investigated thermoregulation
techniques in fiddler crabs in Wakulla Bay, Florida.

Dean’s list at Florida State University

Zoology Graduate Student Representative (UH Mānoa)   2010-2011
Graduate Student Representative on Search Advisory Committee  for Dean of the College of Natural Sciences (UH Mānoa)     2010-2011

American Academy of Underwater Sciences
International Society for Reef Studies
Western Society of Naturalists
Sigma Xi
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Florida State University’s Golden Key


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