After attaching 95 bioerosion blocks to 16 different reefs around 4 atolls, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands leg of this experiment is officially in the water! 🙂 Lisianski was the last site for the bioerosion experiment on this cruise. With nearly perfect GPS points from our collaborators, amazing navigation skills from our coxswain, and a little bit of luck we were able to find every single one of our sites! Hopefully the Main Hawaiian Islands sites will go just as smoothly…

Here's to Team A!

Lisianski Neva Shoals (referred to as “Neva Eva wanna go there” shoals by many of the coxswains) is 380 square miles of beautiful and productive reef. Profuse with live coral and structural complexity, this reef system, in my opinion, is reminiscent of what Kaneohe Bay on Oahu should look like.

A reef at Lisianski: mostly Porites compressa and Montipora capitata.

The dives here were a lot less exciting,  as far as big sea creatures go, than Pearl and Hermes (thankfully). We did have one curious visitor though as we were making our way back to the surface.

Red-footed (I think?) Booby saying hi.

It was quite funny to see a bird from underwater… not something that you normally see. This bird also landed on the PAM float of another dive team a few times, switching their GPS on and off.

Next stop is Laysan the final site for the holey holes project!


One response to “Lisianski

  1. I am so disappointed that I missed your call. It sounds like you are having a very successful cruise….I am so happy for you. However. I can’t wait to hear that you are on dry land again. Enjoy the rest of your cruise….can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you!!!! Mom

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