Exciting new pub on environmental variability!

Interested in learning about fine-scale environmental variability on coral reefs? Check out this exciting new paper titled, “Patterns in Temporal Variability of Temperature, Oxygen and pH along an Environmental Gradient in a Coral Reef” that is authored by members of the Donahue and Thomas labs at HIMB. In this study, we applied spectral analysis in a novel way to characterize environmental variability in a fringing reef environment.

This collaborative paper had four outcomes: 1) we characterized fine-scale environmental variability in pH, temperature, and oxygen over a 34m reef flat to reef slope transect, 2) the spectral analysis approach allowed us to assess physicochemical processes at spatial and temporal scales that are relevant to organisms, 3) we developed a novel application of spectral analysis that allows spatial comparisons with limited instrumentation, and 4) we identified steep gradients in temporal fluctuations over a spatial-scale of only meters.


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