Midway Days 2-4

Hello again. Sorry for the little writing hiatus we had a few long days, but now I am back and ready to inform!

The last 3 day at Midway were really great. We docked for two days and I had a little bit of time to walk on land and explore after diving. Our dives for all three days went really well.  We were in really shallow water (~10-15 feet) which allowed us to have 2 hours of bottom time on each SCUBA tank.  It was really nice not to be air limited and get a whole lot of work done on a single dive. The reef that we worked at was mostly rubble and algae which means lots and lots of herbivores.  Urchins, parrotfish, damselfish and chubs everywhere.  And for whatever reason, the algae on the bottom of the reef apparently was not enough for the chubs because on every single dive I had a huge school of chub eating my hair.  It was quite funny because they traveled from diver to diver and harassed each one of us equally.  I have never seen so many fearless little fish in my life.

The third day we had an exciting visit from a pod of dolphins. They were hanging out at our site the entire day and were playing around while we were diving.

On the last day we finished work a little early and ventured onto land for the first time in two weeks.  Megan and I went on an amazing bike ride on some beat up beach cruisers and we explored Midway Island. Last year, Midway was peppered with albatross.  You could not take a step without almost hitting one.  At this time of the year, most of the albatross had already left so biking was not as much of a challenge. There were still plenty of terns, frigate birds, and little finches to look at. Next is Pearl and Hermes Atoll!

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One response to “Midway Days 2-4

  1. arlene Silbiger

    What beautiful photos!!!
    Thinking of you,
    Grandma A.

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